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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


A friend of mine was holding his mobile bill. He was quite puzzled about the billing amount. He told me that the bill was almost thrice the no. of calls he did. He didn’t know anything about sim cloning. I helped him out and told him to launch an FIR in police. He did so and the culprit was caught very soon.

Very less people know about sim cloning. If you are one of them, then just rub your eyes and read out this article thoroughly.

Sim cloning is a technique with the help of which one can get a duplicate or clone connection of a sim. Well this cloned sim can really be a boon if used properly and legally.

There is a device named sim card reader which can read all the data on a sim card using software. This software is quite easily available even in India. Cost of the software range from 3000 to 5000. After reading the data, it can be transferred to another sim in just few hours and the cloned sim is ready.
This cloned sim can act as a backup in case your original sim is lost or damaged.

Well as everything comes with uses as well as abuses, this one is no different. Hackers have already started exploiting this technology. It is the latest business for them. With this cloned sim one can call or sms any one and the billing amount will be on the original sim bearer. This cloned sim can also let you hear and tap the phone calls made on original sim.

Till now mobile operators have nothing as such to control sim cloning. Police is also unable to do anything in this matter. They cannot take any action till complaint is filed by any customer.

In the late 1990s, due to poor security, cloning was more common than it is today. Cloning has now been rendered more challenging technically, since physical access to the SIM card is now required, contrary to simply being within radio reach.
SIM cloning is now more difficult to perform, because merely duplicating the contents of the SIM does not enable a duplicate SIM to operate, since the SIM itself performs security operations on the data contained inside to avoid such copying. In order to function, the cloned SIM needs to perform security operations on the data contained, just like the 'original' one.
SIM cloning is a great concern to security/police services since it renders GSM location based system (LBS) unreliable when more than one handset uses the same SIM.
At present sim cloning is not under control. But efforts are being made to develop software which will immediately tell the original sim bearer that his sim is cloned and is illegally used, so that he can take any action. Devices which can patrol IMEI no. of mobile and detect cloned sim are also under construction. It will tell the sim bearer if IMEI no. gets changed. Both these ways are not that efficient and cyber criminals would easily beat them.

 SIM card cloning appears to have become a fast growing business not only in the Capital but also in other parts of the country where mobile phones are in use.
With the unearthing of such a novel modus operandi, mobile phone operators are puzzled on how to counter this menace. The problem is that the equipment required to clone SIM cards are readily available in the market. Despite the fact that the SIM cards they issue cannot be tampered with, they cannot stop their cloning as the culprits use blank cards which are normally used for manufacturing smartcards by various companies and are thus available in the open market. 
Secondly, it does not require much expertise to clone the SIM cards as the entire process is carried out automatically using SIM reader and particular computer software that can be obtained from computer-ware markets here and also from countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. Consequently, the police feel that it would be very difficult to curb SIM card cloning until a technique is developed to instantly identify the SIM cards whose copies have been made and genuine cardholders informed.
As we all know ‘prevention is better than cure’. So, why let your sim get cloned and think of a backup. Never let anyone know your sim card no. and you are safe. What will be even safer, never give your mobile to anyone. Lastly what I advice you is only learn the positives of the sim cloning in detail and not the negatives.



Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google has Chrome come on to YOUtube

Hey all of you Google lovers or not. There is a news for all. Yes, Google plans to release its own browser "Chrome" entering the world market of internet browsers.I read at Technorati that its going to give a challenge to IE.But here my brother says why not to others.I am sure that if they have a browser it would be good enough to get them some of the market share challenging all other major browsers.

 As what is known to me about the browser is that it is oriented towards handling video rich applications more quickly. Good strategy as if they want people to watch youtube on to their own browser.Hope it makes difference. As more and more multimedia rich content coming online they have done the right thing at the right moment.

There is also another view to it. If it is good at multimedia they surely wont have any hard competitors.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Configuring for GPRS on INTEX IN3333 for Internet usage through PC

I recently bought an INTEX IN3333. Nice phone with Gprs connectivity. Now how to get your gprs enabled phone as a modem to connect to internet.This is a specific document as what i have done using a Bsnl postpaid 200 plan on a Windows xp proffesional.You get unlimited usage(Rs100 rental per month) but slow dialup speeds. Ok for normal surfing.(half an hour for 5mb)

1. First I got Gprs activated on my sim(cellone postpaid 200 + 100 for gprs ). I filled up a form for unlimited GPRS that will work only on postpaids.


Settings on phone:-
  • Menu -> Internet -> Data Account -> GPRS -> Bsnl_GPRS(for bsnl users).
  • Edit -> APN - -> Done -> Save YES -> Back
  • WAP -> Settings -> Edit Profile -> Select BSNL_GPRS -> Edit Profile -> connection type -> Select http -> click ok -> proxy port -8080 -> ok -> back
  • Activate profile -> ok --> back and now your phone is configured to use gprs.

2. Now before connecting your cell to your pc you have to
download the drivers and pc suite to get your modem working(they don't provide it along so silly). I goto and download drivers and pc suite from there. Of course from some pc that has internet access.

3. Now I
connect my phone to pc through the data cable that comes with it.

4. As I connect my Intex IN3333 to my PC it shows a usb configuration message on the phone. I have to select out of three options. These are Mass Storage, Web cam (yes it can be used as a web cam for your pc no hassles) and third, Com port.You have to select com port to help up with communications with your phone.

5. As I select
COM port it gets to be acknowledged by the computer.A new hardware found window is opened.

6. Here I select "
No not this time" and then click on next.

7. Then select "
Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and again next.

8. Then "
Don't search I will choose the driver to install" and next.

9. Now I click on
Have Disk and a dialog box comes up. Click on browse to select the driver you have downloaded.

10. I open
2K_XP_COM(for winXP) folder in Drivers folder that i have obtained after unzipping driver file which i downloaded.

11. Now click on OK and then next.

12. The driver file will be installed. If you see a message in which you are prompted to continue anyway. Click on
continue anyway.

13. Now when your drivers get installed click on finish.

14. Now I open pc suite folder i downloaded from the same site( and
run PhoneSuite executable file.

15. This opens the PC suite. Click on
Settings tab on left hand side. Now see if any COM port is selected there. If not select the COM port.

16. Now go to
Create Connection tab and click on NEW/Modify button.

17. Enter a
name for your connection(intex_gprs),
APN - (for apn refer to bsnl site),
Number - *99#,
user name & password blank.
Now click on

18. Now click on
Create. Modem will get configured and dialup connection will be created. If you see a message in which you are prompted to continue anyway. Click on continue anyway.

19. You will get a message for successful completion. Click on OK.

20. Now go to
Dial up tab. You will see connection you created. Select and click on Dial up. Connection will be dialed up and you will be connected to internet. In future need not to connect from here. You can connect from Start Menu -> Connect to -> Your connection.

Now Enjoy.

If you have any problems or queries please put it in comments for this post. I will be glad to answer.
Suggestions are always invited.

Friday, April 25, 2008




Maintaining a diary was something many parents advocated to their school going children. It served two purposes:
è Improved language skills
è Improved handwriting
è Most importantly it also served as a record of one’s daily activities.
Now diaries are seen as intimate friends by those who maintain them. The private accounts, the writer’s intimate thoughts and ideas which are detailed in diaries offer a glimpse into the person’s true nature. This makes diaries interesting to read.
Now you might be thinking why am I talking about diaries, while the topic is blogging? You will get your answer when I will define what a blog exactly is.

A web log or just “blog” is the broad term applied to the online variant of the personal diary. Unlike diaries blogs are intended to be public. Thanks to the ease with which blogs can be put online, people who have anything to say have eagerly jumped on the blogging bandwagon, making blogs a powerful social networking tool and when combined with the power of internet, transcends geographical borders.

People blog for many reasons. Some of those are:
è Some use blogging truly as an online diary detailing their lives.
è Some blog to convey a message to the world, especially when other channels are not available.
è Some use blogs to convey a message in a more informal manner than is possible through usual mass media channels.

The word blog gives the impression that the account is textual in nature, probably due to the association with the diary. But on net it is a common place to see various types of blogs. These are:
è PHOTO BLOGS: - It carries pictures to convey a message. Why type in a thousand words when a picture will do?
è VIDEO BLOGS: - Video blogs are a step further from photo blogs. Why put up a thousand pictures when a video will do?
è AUDIO BLOGS: - Audio blogs incorporate audio clips. Why type in a long message when it can be recorded and played back?
è MOBLOGGING: - It is the latest trend in this field of activity refers to reading and posting to blogs via a mobile phone.

Blogging is not just a means to convey your thoughts, but also helps u earning something. It depends on the number of visits to your blog and few others aspects like adds on your blog. So, every click on your blog may earn you something. If your blog is popular you can earn a healthy amount. So, blog and earn.

Contrary to popular assumptions, blogging isn’t achieved in a single swoop. There are three distinct processes. These are: -
The post content is prepared using a blogging client. A client usually includes a text editor that allows text formatting. It may include additional tabs to facilitate the inclusion of pictures or other files into the blog.

A blogging platform is the software part of a blog which contains the code that grants a blog its features and layout.

Every site on the internet is hosted on a web server. Unless a page is put on web server it is not available online. A blog host installs the blogging platform and the relevant add-on. With a blog host a blogger is freed from the duty of installing, configuring and maintains the modules that make up the back end of the blog.

To summarize the blogging process:
A blogger creates content using the client, the prepared content is uploaded to a blog host which contains an installed copy of the blogging platform fuses the content with the rest of the web page which has the relevant code that controls the layout and features of the blog. The completed page is then published on the web server and is available online.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, create your blog, become famous, earn and nevertheless enjoy.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome to the KwiK zone

This blog will be a kind of information hub regarding the latest or oldest technologies. Mostly related to computing.Inspite of that what the main thing in here will be is that I and other authors want you to know what they know. You just have to put all your questions and problems related to computers, programming, Operating Systems, converged devices like mobiles etc. You get the idea.
Just put all your queries as well as suggetstions in the comments link provided with the posts.

And if you have any query about this also.Please comment.We are ready for any help.
Remember this all about what I know , you know and lets share it all for the best of us.